How we help you grow.

Branding & Design

In order to effectively deliver your company’s message, it is essential to have a well-constructed corporate image.

Your company’s identity reflects who it is, what it does and provides your target audience with a perceived experience. The message should be clear, concise and exciting to retain the top-of-mind awareness associated with a memorable brand.

We offer our clients high-quality services in concept development, design and copy writing in order to ensure success in creating your company’s image.

By partnering with you, we learn your history, corporate culture, objectives, values, products and services in order to deliver the exact message you want to portray. We are committed to creating the right look and feel for your visual messages!

Public Relations

What is Public Relations and why is it so important? In today’s fast paced business environment it includes many aspects of building and managing public opinion for your company.

Public Relations introduces your business as credible and identifiable with its respective audiences. It creates top of mind awareness, builds trust and goodwill — all key factors to developing a successful brand. Whether it is your customers, investors, suppliers, employees, government or competitors; these audiences greatly influence the progress of your business, and the impression they have of you matters.

PR positively imprints your company’s name into the minds of your audience and keeps that reputation in tact over time. One of the most effective ways to gain 3rd party credibility and awareness is by reaching out to media professionals online and offline that results in published and broadcast stories on your business.

We’ll work closely with you to develop strategies and a framework that clarifies the story you want to tell, ensuring it’s memorable, and acted upon. We’ve gained national and regional feature media exposure worth hundreds of thousands in equivalent ad value for our clients. And, PR is so much more valuable than advertising because people know you didn’t pay for the attention.

We want you to be recognized for the contribution your company makes to its customers and the community, so let’s get started today.

Social Media

Online communications has evolved into a massive global community made up of sub-groups where companies and individuals can publicly become thought leaders and publishers of information, news and opinions on their topics of expertise.

Most importantly, social media allows businesses to “attract and engage” in order to increase awareness of the business and build closer relationships with all stakeholders, internally and externally. Herein lies the key to extricating its true worth.

What does this mean to your business? Customers, investors and referrals if you reach out in the right way online, that’s what.

Social networking has become top of mind for most companies in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment however many executives and marketing managers are unsure of how to measure it’s value, much less implement it successfully. That’s where we come in.

At Activ8, we help our clients achieve greater visibility and mindshare using the most effective strategies and popular social media channels.

Web Development

The Internet has created a new era in business communications. Without a professional website that offers valuable information and engages your audience, you will limit your ability to grow. Think of the corporate website as your online office, available to potential customers or investors 24/7.

If you aren’t open when that special someone wants to visit, your competitor might be. The website is a powerful communications channel which offers your company’s message on its vision, mission, history, products and services.

If you want maximum benefit from this powerful relationship-building tool, it is essential that you have a professional design, relevant information, a unique selling proposition and that the site is easy to navigate through.

Activ8 has a team of creative designers, programmers, marketers and copywriters waiting to provide you with a website and an audience that you can build on. One that represents your company globally.

Writing & Editing

Every piece of written communication sent out by your company contributes to the reputation of your organization and tells a story.

What is it that you want to achieve with your message? Who are you targeting? What is the feeling you want to deliver? Which channels will you place it in? All questions that require the right strategy and a compelling story to have the written piece hit its mark.

Our copywriters are experienced with writing, editing and fine-tuning all corporate materials such as websites, brochures, press releases, investor relations collateral, newsletters, advertisements and articles for publication.

Whatever your written communication needs are, we can help you to tailor your message so that it reaches and engages your target audience.


There is so much to know in our fast-paced economy where decisions are made quickly and as businesses we operate in a very competitive environment. It’s extremely important that companies and individuals understand how to reach out to their market in ALL the channels that their stakeholders communicate through today. That’s why we created and teach courses in marketing, sales and digital media, and coach professionals 1-to-1, so that people are more empowered to make the most of their outreach efforts.

If you are an entrepreneur that would like to learn how to build your company’s profile and impact more people in your target market, or an individual professional who wants to navigate social media with greater ease and efficiency, we can get you to a proficient place of know-how so you can achieve your goals faster.  Want to know more? We’re happy to walk you through the process over a cup of coffee.   If you are an aboriginal entrepreneur, please visit for our business programs running in your community.