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About Us

Activ8 is the result of a dream founder Loa Fridfinnson had in 2000 of helping entrepreneurs running small and medium sized business fulfill their company’s goals and growth objectives through a boutique marketing agency that would handle all their branding and outreach requirements.

That dream became a reality where 17 years later, Activ8 has helped hundreds of companies at various stages of their development stand out, grow and make a positive impact on their customers and industries.

With vast experience in designing, implementing and managing marketing, public and investor relations, and social media campaigns in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments, Loa and her team of communications consultants have a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill, and influential networks that benefit each client.

Our mission is to make our clients’ businesses more profitable and sustainable through an efficient marketing engine, online and offline, that builds meaningful and lasting connections for them in a fun way with their target audiences.