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Activ8 Corporate Relations + Training is a Vancouver online marketing agency specializing in helping companies with their Internet strategies, brand creation, content marketing, SEO and Public Relations to enhance their online presence, market visibility and sales.

As a full-service marketing agency operating since 2000, we work specifically with small to medium sized, private and public companies across Canada helping them to make a meaningful connection with their customers, investors and all stakeholder through enticing branding, digital media and reputation management projects and campaigns.

Our Marketing Services

Branding / Design

Your company’s image and what it communicates forms an impression in the customer and investor’s mind. We’ll ensure you stand out, look your best and speak to your ideal person in a way that excites them to join your brand’s community.

Public Relations

Crafting a compelling story and working with the media can go a long way in building awareness, interest and the 3rd party credibility associated with a trusted brand. Let us make some introductions for you.

Social Media

A must in your marketing arsenal, social media is where people are sharing on products, services, investments and causes that they are interested in. We can help you navigate this space, gain valuable digital currency and build your tribe online.

Web Development

Your website is your place of business that is open 24/7/365 days of the year. It’s where you invite customers in to give them an idea of what it’s like to do business with you. We’ll ensure you are leading them through the steps (customer journey) that makes them fall in love with your brand.

Writing & Editing

Words and context allow us to communicate what’s important and connect with others in a meaningful way. Activ8’s writers create various types of content (digital and in print) to help clients express what they excel at and clarify their brand values and vision in a way that inspires action by their audience.


We love to empower companies and individuals with knowledge that makes their marketing and sales efforts efficient and effective. We offer training and coaching on all things DIY marketing and digital media. Check out our business workshops and register today!

What you get
teaming with us:

You’ll gain valuable time and peace of mind while we help to build your brand and support your sales efforts.

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    What You Gain:

    Increased Awareness

    By increasing your outreach efforts, more potential customers will learn about you and the value that you bring.

    What You Gain:

    More Leads

    Higher visibility means more ideal prospects will come knocking on your door.


    What You Gain:

    Higher Traffic

    More eyeballs focused on your company leads to higher traffic of visitors on your website, your online storefront serving customers 24/7.


    What You Gain:

    Increase Sales

    Boosting your brand awareness and communication with your target market leads to more buying of your products and services.

    Our Designs

    Strive for excellence. Keep learning. Have fun.

    Warrior Plumbing


    Paul Boparai Wealth Management


    SolvedAF Consulting


    Peterson Stone Works


    Colleywest Shipping


    Dominion Grand


    Analyticy Technologies




    Swiftfox Systems


    Trillium Investment Funds


    Extending Your Marketing Team

    We learn what you want to achieve and with big ideas on tailored budgets, put together a strategy and a plan to help you get there.

    Laser Focused On Your Growth

    We immediately get to work figuring out what makes you special and matching that with what your target audience cares most about.

    We Love Creativity

    Your story deserves to be told in the most creative way and that’s why we’ll come up with the BIG IDEAS that help you to capture the most attention possible.

    Integrity Is Everything

    We believe that our word is our bond and building long-term business relationships that add value to peoples’ lives is our primary goal.

    What Our Clients Say