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Finding Your Passion, Staying Open And Saying Yes

As an integrated marketing professional and entrepreneur working with small and medium-sized companies when I started my marketing business 22 years ago, I had no idea that I’d eventually become a teacher too.

Now in addition to providing branding, PR and digital media services through Activ8 Corporate Relations + Training, I have the opportunity to work with talented, ambitious and caring learners who inspire me every day!

I discovered a new passion!

I was introduced to teaching business courses for Indigenous communities 12 years ago by a friend (thank you, Geena Jackson and Squamish Nation!) which led to the discovery of a passion for sharing knowledge that helps others achieve their career and life goals. Then another friend introduced me to BCIT’s program manager about a year ago (thank you, David Gray and Tracey Renzullo!) and I joined the faculty at BCIT teaching marketing courses.

I fell into the teaching profession but I’ve always enjoyed presenting and coaching to help strengthen my marketing clients’ businesses.

Since 2012, I’ve created a full business curriculum ( for Indigenous entrepreneurs teaching for various First Nation communities and associations.

I recently launched an online Indigenous entrepreneurship course working with budding entrepreneurs from across the country, which has also been exciting! See

My students and participants are the best and brightest Canadian and International learners who I enjoy working with so much!!

The moral of the story…

You never know where opportunity will take you when it knocks. The big lesson for me and a good reminder for all of us is to BE OPEN and READY for when it does.

Of course, you have to set goals and take action too.

It’s not always easy discovering what you are passionate about in a career but if you move in the direction of what inspires you, say YES even if it’s new and scary, it takes you to incredible places.

An Indigenous Youth from the Squamish Nation, Alex Natrall, recently said to me, “If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing”.

Wise words, Alex! I couldn’t agree more.


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