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DIY Video Marketing Basics

Did you know that approximately 80% of all content consumed online is through video?  Video marketing is one of the most important ways to reach a target audience today and its popularity is continuing to grow.

There are many styles of video a company can create that includes product videos, testimonial videos, how-to videos, event videos, live videos and educational videos, among many other types. I recommend clients start with a short “how-to” video on a relevant topic that their audience would find helpful and of interest.

For example, if you are a financier, what are the criteria a company has to meet to get financed? Or, if you have staff you could highlight a few of their personalities by getting them to share one of their favourite things about working at the company. The purpose of this is to give your prospective customer an idea of the people behind the business, which speeds up the trust factor and has a positive impact on your sales cycle.

Why is video so captivating? Well, as consumers 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text (Zabisco); also, messages in motion are more engaging and lead to a higher retention rate for the viewer.

Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.


Thanks to the Internet and rapidly evolving technology, there are many user-friendly apps and tools that can help you to inexpensively put a short, engaging video message together. For example, a simple 2-minute explainer video would give your target audience an idea of how you can make their lives better.

The other important thing to note about video marketing is that it allows you to put a human face to your brand which in today’s competitive market is critical. The deciding factor that sets most businesses apart is in the human element, you, your team and the experience that you deliver to the customer. Building relationships and personalizing your communications are the fastest ways to a customer’s heart and their decision to buy from you.

The video-making process does require some learning, creativity and practice, but it’s never been easier as an amateur video producer to shoot decent-quality videos from your smartphone that can give your target market a quick introduction into who you are and what your business does to deliver value.

There will always be more polish in a professionally shot and produced video however, it also requires a significantly higher amount of time, organization, writing, shooting, editing and budget to develop.  Things many small business owners don’t have an abundance of.

Considering marketing is moving so fast these days, videos that show real people (vs models or actors) presenting knowledge on their area of expertise, introducing the company’s team, sharing a touching story or putting together something funny can really help to increase connection with the viewer.

The tools I use to make my videos include a smartphone with a tripod to capture the video footage (which I take a few dozen times ?), a portable light from Amazon and iMovie on my MacBook to edit the video with overlay titles. Once finished, I export the video to my hard drive and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Try it! Record yourself answering a common question that you hear a lot from customers. If you’d like some feedback on your video, send it to and I’ll be happy to give you some quick feedback.

As human beings, we all want to do business with people that we know, like and trust. Video marketing is a great way to fill your sales pipeline with leads, form a connection with your prospective customers before they actually meet you, and it is a powerful way to begin building relationships that may turn into business opportunities.

Above all, remember to have fun making your video letting your personality and energy shine through. This is what will captivate people and make them want to build a relationship with you and do business with your company.


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