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Creating The Perfect Pitch Deck

When preparing to give a presentation and creating the perfect pitch deck, your goal is to get your point across in a way that inspires your viewers to act and positions you as an expert in your field. Fewer words on the screen and the use of big, bold imagery that compliments your spoken message will make it easier for people to comprehend, remember and act on your presentation.

In a media-abundant environment where most people today have short attention spans, it’s imperative that you communicate in a concise, interesting and engaging manner that leaves a positive impression and encourages the audience to follow you and buy from your company.

Below you will find five tips for your key slides that will help you to create the perfect pitch deck/presentation that leaves them wanting more.

1. Introduction

Brand all slides with your corporate colours and tone. There are many attractive templates in PowerPoint or Keynote that you can customize. Show your expertise by telling people who you are and what you’ve done to make your customers happy. Use minimum text (eg. bullets) and add great images that create a “feeling” and compliment what you are saying in your talk. (Note: People buy on emotion and back it up with logic.)

2. Problems and Solutions

What is the problem your business solves? How does it work and what is the proof?

Use statistics and facts to show the need in the marketplace and explain what you are doing to meet and/or exceed the want or need. Show testimonials and reviews from customers to create further trust, known as “social proof”.

3. Target Market

Who are the people that you are helping with your product or service? How does their life or business change as a result? What demographic, psychographic and geographic information can you define? You must know exactly who you are talking to. Here’s a good article on understanding how to segment a market.

4. Tell A Story

This is where you tell stories on why you do what you do, for whom and how. Stories engage the human mind faster than any chart or fact ever will. Use case studies from satisfied customers and explain how they were helped. Gary Vaynerchuk is a master story-teller, here is an example of his pitch deck presentation on “The Rise Of Social Media Video Marketing” which may give you some ideas for yours. Keep in mind that you should stick to the tone of your brand (Gary’s is quite fun and light-hearted) and ensure your messaging is consistent across all channels of communication, including your presentations.

5. Your Competitive Advantage

What makes your company different? How and why do you stand out? If you are a small company, perhaps you are more nimble than your larger competitors? Clarify what makes you special and how that matches the customer’s wants or needs.

Creating the perfect pitch deck and presenting what you offer in front of a crowd can trigger nervousness at the best of times. If you focus on the strengths of your business and its value proposition (why it is of benefit and for whom) and you are well prepared with information that will emotionally and logically appeal to your audience, your pitch deck will be something that they can get inspired by and share, helping to spread your message while gaining the action that you are hoping for.

Good luck and we are just a phone call (604-687-2004) or email away if you need help creating your perfect pitch deck!


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