Over the past week I had the pleasure of teaching a class of talented entrepreneurs about integrated marketing and how they can enhance communications with their target audience to grow their businesses. It was a fun, high-energy, interactive course with a group of great people who had much wisdom of their own to share.

Aside from being marketers of small businesses, we (myself included) are also buyers with loads of experience filtering over 3000 sales messages  a day. Choosing the ones that make it through our consciousness and stand out in a cluttered media environment begs the question, why? What makes one marketing message stick and become memorable while the others pass right through the filter of our minds?

Relevance, timing and answering a prospect or customer’s “What’s In It For Me” question. This is what each member of the class was able to define, the incredibly important “unique value proposition” communicated in a way that resonates with their buyer.

Below are a few shots of entrepreneurs from the Squamish Nation presenting their businesses and keeping it real!