Coastal Rainforest Safaris (CRS), a B.C. wildlife safari business, came to us asking for help with developing their business plan, including messaging to tell their story, and assistance writing two grant proposals to raise capital for their company’s launch.

After learning about the founders’ goals, personalities, backgrounds and successes in the B.C. tourism industry and conducting research to show the growth anticipated in the space, we helped to develop a comprehensive and strategic business plan that presents a compelling reason for stakeholders to get involved in an exciting tourism business and industry that is rapidly evolving.

The company gained grant funding to cover 75% of the initial marketing and planning services and is now utilizing its business plan and messaging to tell a story that is attracting customers, affiliate partners and funding from financiers. 

Check out CRS’ story below in the video as they are a full-fledged Canadian Safari Adventure Experience where international and local guests learn about the history of the Indigenous people in the tour region, gain close-up encounters of coastal wildlife, see beautiful untouched parts of B.C. and retreat to a luxurious camp at the end of each tour day. Guests also enjoy freshly-caught seafood creations prepared by the company’s Chef paired with fine wines and craft beer from various parts of the province.  Doesn’t that sound fun and adventurous? 

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