In assessing the many reasons video is leading in marketing popularity what stands out most is that it can capture an audience’s attention and tell a compelling story in as little as 35 seconds. Video enhances trust as a potential buyer is able to assess a company’s brand essence and/or a person’s expertise through motion, sight and sound quicker than the written word or still images alone.

Following is a testimonial video we produced for a client who is a real estate developer out of Calgary, Alberta. Their recreational development, Mountain Shadows RV Resort, is a beautiful piece of paradise located in Radium, B.C.

The video was created to give potential lot purchasers an idea of the experience they would have in owning at the Resort. The footage was shot impromptu using a point and shoot camera (which I wouldn’t normally recommend), however our amazing videographer Mat, did a great job putting the entire production together as a high quality video.


Other interesting facts about video:

  • It’s 6X more likely to turn a website looky-loo into a buyer.
  • 20% of people may read text on a web page vs 80% who will watch the same content in video format.
  • A company’s website is 50X more likely to be ranked on the 1st page of Google with a video on it.
  • 100 million online users watch at least one video per month. (This includes silly viral cat videos but still…)
  • 90% of online shoppers say video influences their shopping decisions and retailers say it helps them sell more product.
  • Search engines rank videos higher than most other content on the web, especially if the video is “tagged” properly.
  • 75% of executives told Forbes that they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? People enjoy having a more personal experience which is what happens when we picture ourselves in a production whether it’s “virtually” meeting a potential service provider speaking on a topic of interest or placing oneself in the natural surroundings of Mountain Shadows Resort.

Video is also a powerful way to reach a large audience given the production targets the right buyer and is entertaining, touching or interesting enough to go viral.  If so, it can be shared amongst thousands or hundreds of thousands of social media users within days. A video acts as your 24/7/365 a day sales professional that works on your behalf even while you sleep or are having fun on the golf course!

Companies of all sizes need to make video part of their integrated marketing strategy and it doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive as demonstrated in the Mountain Shadows example above. Take note however, a video should be professionally produced in order to set the right tone and try to keep it under 3 minutes long or you may loose the viewer. We only have so much mind share available in today’s busy world which is why video is an ideal medium for influencing the customer and telling our company’s story.

Stats listed above are from Video Brewery and Buzzom articles.