In an increasingly technical world filled with so many choices of “help yourself” websites and automated telephone systems, it’s still good old fashioned customer service that keeps the customer coming back.

Case in point. I was with my other half yesterday at a neighborhood pub. The bartender, “Dash”, was friendly, funny and created the best muddled cucumber infused Bramble I’d ever tried. He was so personable and service-oriented that it made me want to tell my Facebook friends so they could have the same great experience. He had a Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) from the 80’s movie “Cocktail” way about him. I took a few pics and posted them to my Facebook wall with a description of his signature drink.
I don’t know how many of my friends have been to Vancouver’s Winking Judge Pub but I bet you the next time they are downtown on Burrard and Smithe St., they may head to see Dash for a cucumber infused Bramble and some fun, friendly interaction.

Now that was a stellar customer service experience which has helped make the pub as popular as it has become. That, and the quality of the food and drinks they serve is high.

Whether B2C or B2B, the key is making the customer feel special while delivering an exceptional product or service. This is what builds a great business, and with social media now a mainstream communication channel, word of mouth/click gets around pretty darn quick!