Our very own Loa Fridfinnson will be speaking on “Social Media ROI” at the upcoming IR Conference on Jan 20th at the Waterfront Hotel. The talk is open to the public (free admission) at 9:15AM. If you’d like to learn more about social media for your business, we’d love to see you there! We will also be exhibiting in booth #18.

Session synopsis:

Millions of people globally have adopted social media as a way to find and share information on products, services and investments they are interested in. Social Media is now an essential part of the communication mix for IROs whose responsibility it is to protect and enhance the reputation of their companies. Often there can be a push-back from management to invest in this vastly expanding area because they don’t quite understand it, and/or think there is too much risk. Loa will unravel the mysteries of online communication explaining why it’s essential for public companies to have a voice in social media, how to show ROI, and remain compliant.