Social Media Skeptics, Listen Up. Time to Join the Digital Revolution

Social Media Skeptics, Listen Up. Time to Join the Digital Revolution

If you’re an entrepreneur who still spends thousands of dollars on traditional advertising because you don’t believe in social

Public Relations In The New Economy

I truly heart PR as it’s a creative and inexpensive way to tell your company’s story gaining valuable exposure
Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Workshop

Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Workshop

Over the past week I had the pleasure of teaching a class of talented entrepreneurs about integrated marketing and

Marketing Basics: Tips For Getting Noticed

By Loa Fridfinnson Every company needs to have a compelling brand image that promotes who they are and what

Video Marketing Tells A Compelling Story

In assessing the many reasons video is leading in marketing popularity what stands out most is that it can

Christmas Cheer & Another Year

Now’s the time when many people are preparing to spend the holidays with family and friends, wrapping up another

Let’s Talk About Trust & Values Investing

On October 30th, I co-hosted an evening of enlightening conversation on “Trust, Values and Investing” with Bonnie Foley-Wong of

Crowd Funding Goes Mainstream

In the old days before the vast power of the Internet to share information, groups of people (most often

What Is Crowdfunding and How Does it Work?

Crowdfunding is a fairly new term born with the uprising and mainstreaming of social media.   Essentially, it is using

Social Media Revolution – It’s Changed Our World!

This video shows the tremendous impact social media is making in our lives.   Adoption is here and this form

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